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Why Do Some People Get More Cavities Than Others

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Office
Why Do Some People Get More Cavities Than OthersSome people seem to come to the dentist more often than others. While we suggest coming at least twice a year for your routine checkup and cleaning, sometimes we see patients more often than that.

We even know some patients that are so in tune with their body that they just know when they have a cavity, and they make an appointment to have it fixed. Perhaps they had a toothache, or sensitivity in one tooth. It is possible they recognized dark stains on their teeth and wisely came in to see if they were cavities. From time to time we even have patients who have spotted visible holes in their teeth. Some people get more cavities than others.

Common Causes for Cavities

Cavities can be the result of poor lifestyle habits, genetics, and environmental factors. Cavities are caused by tooth decay. After eating sugars and starches, it is important to brush your teeth. If that is not cleaned off your teeth bacteria begin feeding on the sugars and starches and form plaque. Plaque deteriorates enamel, which causes tiny openings or holes in your teeth. Often these holes continue to grow into cavities.

If you do not brush your teeth regularly you are at risk for getting cavities. If you frequently snack on sugary food, you are also at risk. If you do not produce much saliva, which helps prevent tooth decay by washing away food and plaque, you may be at a higher risk for cavities. Your age may be a factor as well.

Schedule Your Routine Cleaning

You may not know if the cavities forming in your mouth. For that reason, it is important to have your dental exams and cleanings twice a year. However, if you sense discomfort in your mouth, it is important to call our office and come in as soon as you can.
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