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What you should do during your pregnancy period

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Office
What you should do during your pregnancy periodPregnancy is a time to pamper yourself and your unborn baby. Many things are incredibly essential during pregnancy, like eating well, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and exercising caution with pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications. During pregnancy, diagnostic x-rays and other clinical radiation treatments of the abdomen area require special consideration. If you are getting chronic abdominal pain, consider coming in to see us or call us today to get started.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

The chances of an X-ray causing harm to your unborn child are pretty low. In general, the advantages of indicative data acquired from an X-ray outweigh the possible danger to a fetus. Nevertheless, if you had a high number of stomach X-rays in a while before discovering you were expectant, your kid might be harmed. Numerous X-ray tests, like those of the thighs, neck, mouth, or shoulders, will not uncover your reproductive system to the concentrated X-ray radiations, and a lead apron can be worn to guard against radiation dispersion. Schedule your next appointment; call our office today because we intend to help you understand the problems of x-ray exposure while pregnant.

What Kinds of X-Rays Can Harm an Unborn Child?

Stomach X-rays are an exclusion, as they uncover your tummy and your fetus to strong X-ray radiations. The danger of damage to your fetus is resolute by the maternal period and the amount of beam exposure. Ultrahigh radiation exposure in the first 20 days following conception may result in a miscarriage. These dosage levels, however, are not employed in diagnostic imaging. High levels of radiation exposure 20 days to 4 months after conception may raise the risk of premature birth or birth abnormalities. Between two months and 20, exposure may increase the chance of developing a learning or intellectual impairment. If you have already exposed your unborn baby to the high dose of X-Rays radiations, the best thing you can do is seek medical interventions or call us right away.

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