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Tricks To Fight Sugar Cravings

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Office
Tricks To Fight Sugar CravingsIf you find yourself munching sugary snacks every so often, you are not alone. Consuming too much of simple carbohydrates without backing them up with fats and proteins can easily satisfy hunger, giving the body a short-lived boost of energy. However, these carbs almost quickly leave you craving more. 

Why do we Crave Sugar?

The taste of sugar releases endorphins that tend to calm and relax the body and mind and provide a natural “high”. Also, carbohydrates like sugar stimulate the production of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical. And because sweets or sugars just taste good, that preference is reinforced by awarding ourselves with sweet treats. This tends to make people crave sugar even more. 

Dealing with Sugar Craving

Fighting sugar craving doesn't necessarily mean that you should avoid sweets altogether. Eat a bit of those fun-size candy bars or cookies you crave. Enjoying a little of these snacks you love can help you keep away the feeling of being denied. Another way to fight sugar craving is to combine foods. Try to combine the craving snacks with a healthful snack or food; for example, you could have a plate of colorful vegetable salad and a whole-grain meal.  

Reach for fruits instead, as they provide you with fiber and nutrients. But watch out for those fruits that contain acids, as they can harm your tooth enamel by washing it away. Go for the fruits that don't have acids, such as coconut, avocado, and watermelon. When a sugar craving comes, walk away. You can take a walk around the house or consider doing something to alter that scenery. The aim is to take the mind off that food you are craving. 

Using these tricks can help you tackle sugar craving episodes and lower the amount of sugars you are consuming. Remember that your oral hygiene is the most important. So make sure you brush and floss or rinse with mouthwash to keep bacteria, plaque, and acids at bay. Request a consultation with our dentist today to find out more about taking care of your oral health and how to fight sugar cravings. 

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