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Think Dental Sealants Aren't Just for Kids?

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Office
Think Dental Sealants Aren't Just for Kids? You're Wrong! Image of a person getting their teeth inspected, to see if they can get dental sealants.Dentists apply dental sealants to protect teeth from damage or to even out a bite. Dental sealants are painted over the biting surfaces of teeth. Most often, these sealants are implemented on back molars, however, at times, dentists can apply them on other teeth. When you have sealants, they provide protection to the enamel against acids.

Sealants Installation Process

The installation process of sealants is simple. First, a dentist cleans the teeth and then dries them completely. Once the teeth are dry, the dentist places a solution or etching agent to create a roughened surface. The rough surface helps ensure the proper adhering of the sealants to the surface. After that, the dentist applies the sealants, ensuring that it covers the tooth. The dentist will then let the sealant to air dry or a special light may be used to cure it.

Who Needs Sealants?

Most sealants are applied to the back teeth of children and teenagers to shield their chompers from decay. They are an ideal protective measure for individuals who are prone to premature tooth decay as a result of poor oral hygiene or due to biological reasons. Although sealants are intended for children, they also prove useful to adults who want to protect their teeth. If your enamel is weak or thin, sealants can work for you.

How Adults Can Benefit from Sealants

No matter the age, sealants can be great for maintaining healthy teeth. Adults needing to take extra care of their teeth can get sealants. It's a good idea to have dental sealants if you are at risk of decay. Any preventative measures you take on your teeth are appreciated. Nonetheless, it is imperative you consult with a dentist first before you decide that you need sealants. Our dental clinic is happy to help you if you think dental sealants are beneficial to you.

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