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Are Dental Implants Safe?
Marysville, WA

Image of a man looking at his smile after a dental implant placement, at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WA. Dental implants are a synthetic tooth solution that your dentist may recommend if you have missing teeth. These implants help provide a robust foundation for the replacement teeth. Dental implants are a teeth replacement solution offered by Grove Street Family Dentistry and are a durable option for many people. There are many dental implant materials that you can select, such as polymers, metals, or ceramics. Since the placement of the implants requires surgery, you may wonder if the procedure is safe.

Is Dental Implant Placement Safe?

Dental implant placement is a safe procedure used in the dental industry for over 30 years. The dental solution is secure and poses minimal risks to patients. If you are in good health, there is minimal risk of complications in the dental implant procedure. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must approve all dental implant solutions to ensure they are safe for use.

What Does the Process of Dental Implant Placement Involve?

The process and placement of dental implants on your gums may take several months to complete. It is important to note that the procedure will require local or general anesthesia, surgery, and a good recovery time.

Your dentist will consider some crucial factors when considering dental implants. Factors that need to be considered are your age and health. If your health is not good, this dental solution might not work out for you. Patients with severe gum disease (periodontitis) are unsuitable for implants. Dentists don’t recommend these solutions for people who smoke cigars or cigarettes. All tobacco products have toxins that interfere with the blood supply in the gums and will increase the risk of the site not healing correctly after placement.

What Are Some Complications of Dental Implants?

There are many effects of tooth loss, such as gum deterioration and bone loss. When a dentist notices tooth loss, they will recommend dental implant placement. When expert dentists place the implants, they are very safe.

However, there are some minor complications, though rare, that may occur during dental implant placement. The first complication is an infection of the gum tissue adjacent to the tooth implant site. Infection often occurs when the procedure is conducted in a non-sterile environment or if you don’t adopt good cleaning and care habits after the dental implant fixation.

Another complication is dental implant rejection. The dental implant materials might react with your body and cause an allergic reaction. The complication is rare and occurs when you have a weak immune system.

Why You Need a Qualified Dental Expert

Expert implant dentistry services minimize the risks of the procedure. Good surgical techniques and advanced technology make it possible to receive the best care. Dental implants are safe when done by an expert dentist. Dental implant placement will help you achieve a normal bite and restore your confidence. Visit us at Grove Street Family Dentistry for implant placement. Call us at (360) 659-3200 to schedule an appointment.
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Are Dental Implants Safe • Marysville, WA • Grove Street Dentistry
Dental implants are a teeth replacement solution offered by Grove Street Family Dentistry and are a durable option for many people. Learn more here!
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