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Implant Restoration
Marysville, WA

A rendering of dental implant placement at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WAMissing teeth can be rebuilt, looking and feeling natural in your mouth using dental implants. Whether you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even all of your teeth, we can create a treatment plan to permanently stabilize replacement teeth that can function as naturally as your own. Dentistry has come a long way and we can help you have beautiful, functional teeth when your natural teeth are lost. At Grove Street Family Dentistry, we can evaluate, diagnose and then create a plan with your needs addressed.

We understand that missing teeth, even just one, is a problem. Your teeth help you chew properly, help your speech, play a role in your self confidence, and work together in a system to have a healthy mouth. When teeth are lost, the person may chew primarily on the other side, they may eliminate foods from their diet, they may experience changes to their sounds, and they may feel embarrassed about their smile. Additionally, they may experience some larger oral health issues including the shifting of neighboring teeth causing changes to their bite and then to their jaw joint. They will also have changes occur to their jaw bone, which may not be visible with one missing tooth, but can actually alter the shape of your face following the loss of multiple teeth. Replacing missing teeth is best for your oral and overall health.

Rebuilding with Dental Implants

We can rebuild a new tooth by first establishing a foundation with a dental implant and then a prosthetic such as a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants are not teeth, but they are used as a new root system.

Dental implants are a device that we surgically place to reestablish connection with the jawbone. They are shaped similarly to screws with a threaded end and an attachment head. The threaded end is sunk into the jawbone, where through osseointegration, the bone will grow up and around the threads fusing the two firmly together. Once the implant is firmly in place, we can then use it as an anchor to hold a prosthetic permanently in place.

A huge advantage of dental implants are the options that allow us to customize treatment for the patient. Customized treatment with implants include:
•  Single and Multiple Teeth Restored: Dental implants can be used to restore a single tooth, or multiple teeth. We can even use them in tandem with restorations such as being one anchor for a bridge while using a natural tooth as the other anchor. Implants can also be used to hold a full arch of teeth in place.
•  Material Used: Implants are available in both titanium or in a non-metal ceramic material. The non-ceramic option is tooth colored, which may be preferred for a front tooth so no dark coloring is seen through the gums.
•  Size and Length: Dental implants come in a variety of lengths and widths depending on the work being done. Most patients will require some preparation before treatment can be completed, including a bone graft to bulk up the bone before placement. This may not be true for patients having a full denture permanently placed due to the extended length of the implants involved. Or, patients may have a mini implant used. The options and varieties are wide.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants, give Grove Street Family Dentistry a call at (360) 659-3200 to schedule a consultation appointment.
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Implant Restoration Marysville WA | Grove Street Family Dentistry
Dental implant restorations are a fantastic solution for replacing missing teeth. For your best dental solution, call Grove Street Family Dentistry today!
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