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Multiple Tooth Implant
Marysville, WA

Dentist discussing tooth loss with smiling female patient at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WA 98270-4325Missing teeth, whether it be just part of one or a dozen, is deeply stressful and can have very negative effects on one’s confidence. However, this effect should not be lasting by any means, especially with the wide array of treatment options that are available to patients. If you are missing multiple teeth, then there are a number of ways to help get back on track. These include the implant-supported bridge, removable partial dentures, and fixed bridges. For our patients who may have sustained multiple tooth loss, Grove Street Family Dentistry is pleased to offer multiple tooth implants to them to help restore both your self-esteem and beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Getting a Multiple Tooth Dental Implant

Perhaps the best way of restoring a smile missing multiple teeth is the implant-supported dental bridge. This kind of dental implant has a host of benefits that its traditional counterparts fail to provide, and it avoids many of the issues that other types of dental procedures tend to cause. One of the primary benefits of an implant-supported dental bridge is that it does not need surrounding teeth in order to stay in place. This is a problem in other dental procedures because the stress placed on the surrounding teeth can, and often does, create severe dental issues while trying to fix the loss of multiple teeth.

Furthermore, implant-supported dental bridges are also especially helpful in preventing future dental issues, like underlying bone deterioration. Patients also tend to report that implant-supported bridges are much more comfortable when compared to some of its counterparts. For instance, other types of restorations may cause damage to the gums and gingival tissue. This is because they may employ the use of clasps along the gumline, which can have a deteriorating effect on the gums, in addition to causing the patient discomfort.

What Are Some Alternative Procedures to Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth?

There are other kinds of dental procedures to help alleviate the damage of multiple missing teeth. These include the removable partial denture and the multiple teeth supported bridge. Removable partial dentures, as well as multiple teeth supported bridges, rely on the neighboring teeth to act as a support. The removable partial dentures use a system of clamps to lock onto the adjacent teeth, which, like the multiple teeth supported bridge, does place a significant strain on the neighboring healthy teeth.

This can be problematic because in attempting to alleviate one problem, others may ultimately be created. Another issue with this method of treating the loss of multiple teeth is that it does nothing to impede bone degeneration. If the loss of teeth suffered by a patient was the result of bone deterioration in the jaw, these sorts of implants are just a temporary solution to a bigger problem. For most patients, it is most prudent to consider a multiple tooth implant-supported bridge.

While tooth loss can be stressful for patients, multiple tooth implants and single tooth implants can help you feel happier and more confident when you smile. To learn more, please contact us here at Grove Street Family Dentistry by giving us a call at (360) 659-3200 today.
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Multiple Tooth Implants Marysville, WA | Grove Street Family Dentistry
If you are missing multiple teeth, then there are a number of ways to help get back on track. These include the implant-supported bridge, removable partial dentures, and fixed bridges.
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