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Porcelain Crowns
Marysville, WA

 Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WAA dental crown is a cap that is used to cover damaged or chipped teeth to restore their strength, shape, and size to improve their overall appearance. This tooth replacement method is extremely common and can help restore your confidence by making you smile more often. Generally, there are many crown materials available, but porcelain crowns are the most popular choice.

What is a Porcelain Crown?

A majority of dental crowns are constructed with porcelain due to their extraordinary features. Porcelain crowns are ideal to use for front teeth restoration as they are translucent and can easily blend in with your natural teeth. However, since porcelain is a delicate material that is more prone to fractures, most dentists don’t recommend getting full-porcelain teeth in the molar region.

Benefits of Crowns Made of Porcelain

Full-porcelain crowns are probably the best dental crowns you can get as they easily blend in with other teeth. Due to their translucency, the color of a porcelain crown is determined by the tooth under them. Here are some benefits of porcelain crowns.
•  Aesthetically-pleasing just like your natural teeth
•  Patients are less likely to have allergic reactions since they are metal free
•  Low sensitivity
•  Suitable for patients with limited space in their mouth
•  Shape can be aligned and corrected accordingly
•  Biocompatible

Disadvantages of Crowns Made of Porcelain

A huge problem with installing all-porcelain crowns for front tooth restoration is that they require highly experienced and skilled professionals to do the job. While porcelain crowns are generally a great option, they do have some drawbacks too.
•  Complicated and time-consuming preparation
•  A little costly compared to other options
•  Lower durability than other crowns
•  Susceptible to breaking and cracking
•  Not suitable for back teeth restoration

Porcelain Crown Procedure

The porcelain crown installation procedure is very similar to that of traditional crowns. A dentist will clean and reshape your tooth to prepare it for the treatment process. The tooth is tapered to allow the crown to fit snugly on top. Once your tooth is shaped and prepped, your dentist will use a dental putty to take an impression of the tooth and send it to the laboratory for the creation of your crown.

The porcelain crown requires about two to three weeks for preparation. So, in the meantime, the dentist installs a temporary crown. When your crown is prepped and ready, your dentist will call you in for an appointment and fit the new crown. Once the desired fitting of the crown is obtained, your dentist will fit the crown using dental cement.

Inlay and Onlay vs. Porcelain Crowns

Many people often wonder what procedure they should opt for in case of a damaged tooth. In certain cases, inlays and onlays could be beneficial. An inlay is performed in case a cavity is too big for a simple filling. The inlay is constructed as a single piece in the shape and size of the cavity, and is cemented in place.
An onlay is a little more intensive procedure than an inlay, but a less-intensive one than a crown. This process restores only the cusp of a tooth.

Porcelain crowns are more of tooth replacement than tooth restoration procedure. They are used in more serious situations where a tooth has suffered significant damage.

If you’re searching for a qualified and experienced dentist to get inlays, onlays or porcelain crowns, Grove Street Family Dentistry is here for you. You can call us at (360) 659-3200 to book a consultation or appointment.
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Porcelain Crowns • Marysville, WA • Grove Street Family Dentistry
Porcelain crowns are ideal to use for front teeth restoration as they can easily blend in with your natural teeth. Call our dentist Dr. Tran today!
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