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Veneers vs Dental Crowns
Marysville, WA

Image of a woman smiling after getting a dental veneer and crown placed in her mouth, at Grove Street Family Dentistry in Marysville, WA.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are coverings, or a "cap," for existing teeth, a restorative procedure for decayed or broken teeth. The dental crown makes the tooth stronger with an improved cosmetic appearance. Dental crowns cover a damaged tooth when a major part of the original tooth is missing, such as after a large filling or a root canal treatment. Dental crowns protect a weak tooth, cover discolored or stained teeth, hold a dental bridge, or support a denture.

Placing Dental Crowns

The dental crowns procedure starts by filing or grinding down a layer of the tooth's outer surface. The dentist will prepare a dental crown of the same thickness as the layer of tooth removed. Afterwards, the dentist will send a mold to a technician who prepares the dental crown. The dental crown is curated to match the color and appearance of surrounding teeth, and meanwhile, your dentist will fix a temporary crown until your permanent dental crown is prepared. When the permanent crown is crafted, the dentist will check for bite adjustment and fitting of the crown before cementing it in place.

Benefits of Ceramic Crowns

Dental crowns are made of gold, stainless steel, porcelain, resin, and ceramic. Ceramic dental crowns are the best option for front teeth as they offer the most natural color that matches adjacent teeth. Pressed ceramic crowns last even longer than metal crowns, all-porcelain crowns, or porcelain fused to metal crowns. Ceramic crowns are also suitable for a same day crowns procedure.

Veneers Process

Dental veneers are cosmetic procedures that involve attaching tooth-colored, thin shells to the tooth's front surface to improve cosmetic appearance. The veneers are crafted from resin-composite materials or porcelain and treat many cosmetic flaws like discolored or broken teeth, smaller teeth than the rest, or chipped teeth.

Are Veneers Good for Teeth?

Veneers improve your cosmetic appearance and smile, but they do nothing to repair or strengthen your teeth. Proper placement of veneers involves removing a portion of tooth structure, which makes it an irreversible procedure. Before considering the type of veneer which may be the best option for you, you must consider its cost, appearance, longevity, installation process length, and your dentist's recommendation. Porcelain veneers are comparatively more expensive than resin-based veneers but stronger than composite veneers.

Veneers vs. Dental Crowns

Veneers and dental crowns are completely different procedures. Veneers cover the front surface, whereas dental crowns cover the entire tooth. Getting veneers is less invasive than a dental crown procedure, in which the dentist grinds most parts of the tooth to prepare a base for crown placement. A dental crown can provide restorative solutions for various dental problems, like covering a dental implant, supporting a damaged tooth, or holding and protecting a cracked or broken tooth. Veneers may only conceal the stains, chips, or imperfections in the cosmetic appearance and can provide effective treatment to cover gaps in the teeth.

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